Privacy Policy - Plus Friend Finder
1.Personal Information Personal Information means information about an identifiable individual. Most Personal Information you provide, directly or indirectly, to Plus Friend Finder is provided for the purpose of displaying it on the Website and, as such, is Public Personal Information. Other Personal Information you may provide directly to us for purposes other than displaying it on the Website is Private Personal Information.

When you provide Private Personal Information to us, we promise to hold your Private Personal Information confidential and to distribute that information only in accordance with this Privacy Policy. Public Personal Information includes Personal Information about you that you have published, or authorized to be published, on other websites, such as Google+TM , so that it has become available to us, and information you provide directly to us for purposes of publishing it on the Website.

2.What Information is Collected Plus Friend Finder collects Personal Information you provide when you register on the Website and use the Website, such as your name, email address, Website usage data, and similar information that you voluntarily provide to us via the Website. We may also collect Public Personal information, such as your name, gender, goals and relationship status that you make publicly available to us on third-party websites.

3.For What Purpose the Information is Collected Plus Friend Finder collects your Personal Information to provide the services that we offer, including the publication of Public Personal Information on the Website. We may also use your Personal Information, if applicable, to verify your identity, to make payments for services, to provide our services or support for our services, to respond to your queries, or to provide you with further information regarding our services. As a user of the Website, you acknowledge and agree that Plus Friend Finder may aggregate information about you and your use of the Website with similar information collected from users to enhance and optimize the services provided through the Website. Your general use of the Website may be included in an anonymized fashion in aggregate reports. The purpose of such aggregate reports is to better understand how the Website is used, for marketing and development purposes.

4.Data Retention We will only retain your Personal Information as long as it continues to serve the purposes identified above. Upon your request, made via the Website, we will permanently delete all your Personal Information that we have collected. The length of time we keep your Personal Information will vary depending on your use of our services and the nature of the Private Personal Information. When your information is no longer required for the purposes set out above, Plus Friend Finders will delete any Private Personal Information that could identify you. Plus Friend Finders may retain non-identifying information such as Website usage statistics.

If you have any other question, please contact us.