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Dr. Kazi Anam
Açıklama: Consulting Hypnotist,Licensed Pharmacist,Health Coach,Motivational Speaker

Dr. KAZI ANAM  is a leading certified consulting hypnotist, best selling author, pharmacist, health coach, researcher,executive life coach and a motivational speaker. Anam has been helping clients achieve their goals for over 25 years.

His experience with hypnosis started as a college student. He utilized the amazing principles of hypnosis to stay at the top of his class and subsequently became a very successful professional and entrepreneur.

Dr.Anam started his career as a pharmacist after ...
Meslek: Consulting Hypnotist
Yaşadığı Yer: Douglaston, New York, NY
Son Güncelleme: 2017-06-19 22:16:20

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