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Sushil Thapa
Açıklama: People(mostly indigenous) in Pen and Ink is my favorite subject whereas Feelings and Moments in day to day life is my another colorful world
Hakkında: Though I do with acrylic, oil, and water colors, pen and ink are always my favorite mediums. People from different indigenous groups mostly in pen and ink, feelings of human beings and day to day life in acrylic, water or oil colors would be my subjects to work on. I am sorry to say that for sometimes I upload  my works here in low resolution  and so the pictures might appear little blurred and may not look like pen and ink works. Thank you.

Meslek: Unknown
Yaşadığı Yer: Kathmandu, Central Region, Nepal
Son Güncelleme: 2017-05-25 11:34:25
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